Social Media Dominance

A new age revolution in the hospitality industry

Social media as a marketing tool provides an opportunity to extend greater contacts with its customers with an ultimate goal of developing a partnership for brand growth in the hospitality industry. In the current times building websites and creating social media profiles is not enough, one has to make sure that the site is optimized for search engines, have mobile apps and also keep customers engaged in conversations. No one believes in flashy flyers or brochures anymore, but only on customers’ feedback.
With social media dominating almost every industry’s presence in the market, there are many online tools available and are being used in various forms. These tools enable us in increasing the team productivity and business activities. People love to see things on the go and so it is essential for hotels to have their presence on social media platforms and ensure that they interact and engage their audience through social media channels.
Although many hotel chains have embraced mobile apps, Facebook, and other channels, some of them are still non-active on social media platforms. It also applies to Leonia, which, 8 months ago was non-active but today has its presence in more than 7 different social media platforms, having a reach of more than 2 million people globally. With the growing demand for social media, many companies have now cropped up to provide analytics and solutions, so that, hoteliers can get a pulse of what guests want and how they react to the hotel specifically. These companies also provide customised reports to help Management take valuable decisions.
Most important at present is development of mobile apps, since travellers expect to use their mobile devices to book rooms or other travel services on the spot. Every other hotel is coming up with a user friendly hotel app and Leonia is not behind as its investing a great amount of money and time to develop a user friendly app compatible for all operating systems. It is also investing in mobile menu for its restaurants.
Leonia strongly believes that hotels are not anymore a place to stay, but an experience of a holiday. From experiences to spas and wellness to soft adventures, Leonia is fast growing into a one-stop solution for travellers.

Ratnakar Ari
Head - Marketing

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