Have that extra one for the road and forget Hangovers

Quick Hang over cures

First let us be pro-active than re-active. More than a hangover cure, this is a hangover prevention aid. It may sound a bit quirky but eat a few bananas before you hit the bar. The potassium in the banana and its complex carbohydrates has a re-hydrating and coating effect on the intestines respectively, helping you recover faster from the alcohol excess.

If you already are aware of the next bar binging trip schedule, then try to take a few over-the-counter multi-vitamins on a daily basis. This will ensure that your body has a better degree of preparedness against the hangover. Hangover cure requires the greatest degree of determination. However, exercising here doesn’t refer to hitting the gym hard. Something as simple as running on the treadmill combined with a few push-ups can help. The sweating induced by exercising followed by re-hydrating yourself with low-sugar sports drink helps to cure hangovers

Orange Juice

Orange juice is amongst the commonest of home remedies for hangovers. It performs the function of moisturizing with great intensity and the Vitamin C acts as a counter to nauseating sensation. You can combine this with a few boiled eggs and slightly toasted bread. This might sound strange but the protein from eggs helps the liver to filter the toxins of alcohol faster while bread toast slices have a charcoal-like effect, preventing bloating or vomiting caused by alcohol.

Ginger Tea

All of you know the benefits of ginger tea for relieving nausea, cold and cough. However, it is also an excellent aid for hangover headaches. It can alleviate that typical head-splitting pain induced by hangovers apart from helping the stomach digest the alcohol better without suffering cramps.

Another famous hangover cure is a strong cup of coffee. However, not many people realize that you need a cocoa-rich variant of coffee for neutralizing the hangover. Rather than having a huge serving at one go, have smaller cups of coffee throughout the day. Caffeine raises the blood pressure that helps the body to metabolize the alcohol faster apart from providing some relief from the drowsy feeling and headaches.

Sumit Sinha,
Group Executive Chef