Stop popping pills!!

Do you know: Your own kitchen is actually a Pharmacy?

Our kitchen has all the answers to our day to day ailments for which we keep running to the chemist and buying medicines off the counter and popping them without consulting Doctors, which at times may be harmful.

1. Fresh ginger to ease muscular pain: Take 5 gm of fresh ginger or 2 gm dried ginger as part of diet to prevent and manage muscular and joint pains.
2. Clove for toothache: We have always used the clove powder or oil to beat tooth ache and tooth-related problems.

3. Vinegar for heart burn:  Take 30 ml of vinegar after a heavy meal to make digestion and metabolism smoother. Please buy fruit vinegar , as the synthetic ones are too harsh , alternately you can also use White Wine Vinegar or Red Wine Vinegar or even Champagne Vinegar which are available at the leading Super Markets.

4. Garlic for ear ache: People from rural India would well be aware of this use of garlic. Traditionally, garlic is used to treat earaches.  The practice is to pour 2 drops of warm garlic oil into the affected ear for 5-11 days till it is completely healed. Alternately, one can make garlic oil by simply by heating Pure Mustard oil and putting pealed and diced garlic , and let the oil cool and then use it.

5. Cherries for pain:  Cherries are rich in Anthocyanins, , have ten times more positive effect on reducing pain than common pain killers like Ibuprofen etc., and that too, without any side effects.

6. Buttermilk for PMS: Buttermilk for pre and post menopausal syndromes and menstrual pains.. The calcium in buttermilk helps calm down the physical and psychological irritability caused during PMS.

7. Reversing diabetic pain with turmeric: The use of turmeric as a part of the diet to prevent the complications of diabetes and pain.  One can also use Turmeric pickle made out of the raw vegetable turmeric.

8. Honey for mouth sores: Honey gargle for mouth sores. Even as general practice, also honey gargle is recommended for better voice, improved speech and to prevent all types of oral inflammation and infections. Honey is extremely effective in reducing inflammation and improving tissue healing.

9. Heal muscle cramps with tamarind juice: Tamarind juice to manage acute muscle cramps. 50 ml of diluted tamarind juice is effective in bringing back the blood potassium levels, and thereby reducing muscle cramps.

Look forward to share some more interesting blogs very soon.

Sumit Sinha,
Group Executive Chef

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