Chilled out Week Days in Summer 2016

Imagine Surfing this summer or splashing around in a pool and then having dinner by the poolside. 

When the temperatures begin to soar and time begins to still, even the fascinating updates on the smart phones cannot take your mind off the sweltering summer. 

Then what? 

Watch the water ripple under the weight of a seemingly weightless leaf.  Breathe in lungfuls of fresh air scented by the arrival of the Summer as you catch a stunning glimpse of the sun as it rises and sets.   

Catch a nap in a noon and a movie in the night. Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket or Football, play a game into the twilight until the lights are turned on. 

What else?

Why not reconnect with your inner self at the Wellness Center that delivers ta wide range of spa experiences.  

With lighted play areas, water slides, a surfing zone and pool side suites, Leonia Holistic Destination makes the Summer Weekdays a great hang out time for couples, friends and families.

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